Artist closeup: Miia Kuittinen

"I just want everyone to know, that things will be ok with time.”

”I first heard about the project from the manager of my former foster home. The whole thing sounded weird, but at the same time interesting and neat.

But most of all totally impossible.

When we got to sit inside the cockpit of that massive machine, it was an unimaginable sensation, something I hope everyone could experience.

I’ve never before been abroad. Traveling to Albright-Knox, Buffalo, felt exciting, marvelous. During our stay in the States, I got the feeling that my life in Finland is all good after all. That things aren’t as bad in Finland as everyone says. The problems are same everywhere, and people try solve them in many different ways.

I’m studying to become a youth counselor. I want to do a job helping others – especially the youth. There are loads of families in Finland who don’t get the help they need. Even thou their need would be dire.

I wanted to be part of this project, because I want to give back to the NGO Hope. This is my way of helping others, who are in need. I hope that other people receive help like I did, and maybe also better and sooner than I did.

Each of us have been working on the artwork for this exhibition from their own premises. One of my paintings is called “Hope for the kids”. It reminds me of important things. I just want everyone to know, that things will be ok with time. And everything that happens, has a meaning, even though you may not ever know it.”

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Art Gallery

Miia is mostly inspired by the sunsets in her home town of Helsinki. Art has been an important part of her life since she was a small kid. In the future she sees herself working in the social service sector. Having received help herself when it was needed, she’s looking forward to raising money for the NGO Hope with her paintings. This is her first exhibition.

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Each painting of the Zero Exclusion project is for sale. All the proceeds will go for the NGO Hope, and their fight against social exclusion of children and youth. You can make an offer for the painting using the form below. Minimum price for a painting is 1000 euros. You will get all the information about the payment and shipment via email.

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