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What would it be like to live entirely on renewable energy solutions? With a minimal amount of modern commodities? Generating a minimal carbon footprint and emissions? To answer these questions, we created a compelling space, where people could experience a more sustainable way of living: the Nolla cabin.

Located in the beautiful Finnish archipelago

Located on Vallisaari, one of the most diverse islands in the Helsinki archipelago, the Nolla cabin is an intriguing combination of living in the realm of nature with minimal commodities, yet in the immediate proximity of the centre of Helsinki. Urban living in the forest, if you will.
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A design that makes a difference

Designed by Robin Falck and built out of Finnish timber, the Nolla cabin is a compact and entirely mobile 9m2 dwelling, that can be assembled, dissembled and transported without heavy machinery or leaving traces in its surroundings.
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Zero waste, zero trace

Nolla demonstrates modern solutions for a low-impact daily life, that is based on self-sufficiency and renewable solutions – thus generating minimal to no emissions. The cabin functions entirely on renewable energy and excludes most modern commodities.
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Special cabin, special guests

Influencers will visit the cabin to experience the different aspects of living with minimal emissions. Nolla will be visited by artist and multi-talent SAARA, Youtube personality Joonas Pesonen, and photographers Joonas Linkola and Janita Autio. Their journey will be guided by Finnish zero waste influencer Otso Sillanaukee, who has written a guide on sustainable everyday living.
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