Artist and multitalent SAARA will be the first overnight guest of the Nolla cabin

The first visitor of the Nolla cabin is used to adapting to peculiar situations. Singer, vlogger and speaker Sara Forsberg, rose to fame after publishing a video, where she speaks over ten different languages in an astonishingly authentic manner, while actually speaking complete gibberish. Since then, Sara has made a diverse career in the fields of music and entertainment.

To date, What Languages Sound Like to Foreigners, has reached over 20 million views on YouTube. Soon after releasing the video, Sara’s unique charisma caught attention on the other side of the Atlantic, and Sara was invited to visit the world-renowned Ellen Show by Ellen DeGeneres. The appearance sparked several unique projects, including a record deal and devising a language for an upcoming Star Wars movie.

Today, Sara is known by her artist name SAARA, with her EP Almost Acoustic released in the beginning of 2018. SAARA is a familiar sight on Finnish television, where the multi-talent has appeared as the judge of the fifth season of Talent Suomi and in the game shows Kaikki vastaan 1 and Pallon ympäri. SAARA’s humor-filled YouTube channel has more than one million subscribers, but the multitalent persists that she does not want to end up chained to one specific role, and will therefore continue following her instincts in the future.

“I have always been naturally interested in various things. That, mixed with creativity and a bit of craziness leads me to very interesting situations. I have worked hard and that has opened a colorful realm of possibilities, which I am very grateful for.”

In spite of her young age, SAARA has already been involved in various projects. With the Nolla cabin, SAARA is about to face a new kind of challenge, as she will live in the cabin for a whole weekend, without most modern conveniences. SAARA is looking forward to challenging herself by leading a lifestyle, that contributes to a more sustainable future.

“I am very competitive and want to continuously grow and get better in things, that are close to my heart. The most interesting aspect in the Nolla campaign was minimizing emissions of daily living. Neste has publicly committed to sustainability and the environment, so when I was offered an opportunity to participate in this project, I definitely wanted in.”

At the cabin, Saara is expecting to get some time to herself, and a chance to unwind in the middle of the nature. In a busy phase of life, personal well-being is easily forgotten and the varying timetables and continuous deadlines of an artist are all too familiar to her. Staying at Nolla will give her a short break from her daily obligations.

“I’m anticipating to be cut off from the hectic city lifestyle and looking forward to the relaxation, meditative thinking and enjoying the nature. I’ve already planned on taking a long nap, going berry-picking, playing the guitar and going for a swim. I can’t wait!”

We have embarked on a journey towards a carbon neutral future. However, it takes more than one to reach zero. Together with our partners, Neste will explore new ideas and steer the world towards a better future.