Finnish zero waste influencer Otso “Nollahukka” Sillanaukee will be consulting Nolla cabin visitors on sustainability

Otso Sillanaukee is a zero waste blogger and studies Creative Sustainability at the Aalto University. His practical guide to zero waste living, Zero Waste (S&S), was published last spring. Next, Otso will be advising the cabin’s first guest Sara Forsberg, or SAARA, as she attempts to live with minimal emissions and waste at the Nolla cabin.

Why do you follow a zero waste lifestyle?

I’ve followed a zero waste lifestyle for over two years now. I aim at reducing my personal carbon footprint and waste to the minimum. This year, my goal is to not produce any more trash than what I can fit into a 0,5L glass jar. I want my lifestyle to have a minimal environmental impact.

What do you think about the international zero waste movement?

I think it’s incredible that the zero waste lifestyle has become an international phenomenon. However, it’s important to remember that making a change requires sustainable practices to be adopted in every aspect of everyday life – boycotting plastic straws is not enough.  

The smallest steps are significant, for sure, but people need to learn to think about their personal carbon footprint and waste in a more holistic manner. Following a zero waste lifestyle means that sustainable thinking is present in everything we do.

Why is the Nolla campaign by Neste important?

I study economics, so I’m very aware of how important it is that companies take responsibility and follow sustainable guidelines. They can adapt a central role in bringing forth solutions that help build a cleaner world. In respect, the role of a single consumer is much more limited. Companies can set an example in a wider perspective and for a significantly wider audience.

Being a part of this project has been interesting and I’ve been happy to learn that Neste is developing new solutions and prioritizing the well-being of both people and the environment.

Nolla is a fun concept, because it goes to demonstrate that it is possible to live with minimal emissions even outside our daily routines and environment. All we need to do is consider our actions and decisions from a sustainable aspect – which is exactly what the Nolla campaign encourages us to do.

Making a change requires every level of the society. Large companies like Neste consist of real people and thus it is important that they have incorporated sustainability as a long-term standard.

Why is it important that companies set an example?

The thought of reducing personal carbon emissions and waste might be familiar to many, but a lack of example might make it difficult to incorporate new habits into daily routines.

Personally, I believe that setting an example and sharing personal experiences is the most effective way of inflicting change. Individual consumers might be overwhelmed by all the new things they need to learn, so it is important to highlight the power of cooperation. So let’s do this together!

What have you done to minimize your personal carbon footprint? Tell us here by 21.8. and win a getaway to the Nolla cabin!

We have embarked on a journey towards a carbon neutral future. However, it takes more than one to reach zero. Together with our partners, Neste will explore new ideas and steer the world towards a better future.