Zero travel Nolla Cabin – Competition rules

  1. Organizer

Neste Corporation (referred here as ”the organizer”), PL 95, 00095 Neste.

  1. Who can take part?

This competition is open to anyone over 18 years old. Anyone working for the organizer and involved in planning the competition or anyone related to the people involved in planning the competition for the organizer are not allowed to take part in this competition. Participants from all countries are eligible to participate. 

  1. Competition time

The competition is open from the 30th of October, 2019, until the 11th of December, 2019.  

  1. How to take part?

The competition takes place on Instagram. In order to take part in the competition one must post a picture on their personal instagram account using the hashtag #mynolla. The picture must include the scenery where the participant wishes to enjoy their Nolla cabin in along with a short explanation on what they would use the cabin for. The pictures must be appropriate, off-topic pictures are not included in the competition.

  1. Responsibilities

The organizer has the right to rule out competitors if they do not comply with the rules. People taking part commit to the terms and conditions of the competition.

  1. The prize

Twelve (12) winners will be selected from the competition entries and rewarded with the blueprints of the Nolla cabin, designed by Robin Falck*. The value of the prize is approximately 250 € / 2 705 kr / 275 USD . Notice that the winners are responsible for obtaining any building permits and similar, at its own risk and expense. No warranty is provided that such permits can be obtained, based on the blueprints or otherwise.  All building and materials must be organized and obtained by each winner themselves. The prize is personal and cannot be exchanged for money or other products. 

*The ownership of the blueprints will not be transferred to the winners meaning that each winner obtains only a non-exclusive right to use the blueprints to build one Nolla cabin for its personal use. It is forbidden to commercialize the blueprints or to otherwise transfer or sell them forward. 

  1. The winner

The winners will be selected by the competition jury. The decisions made by the jury are final and non-appealable. 

The winners will be informed about the competition outcome personally via Instagram on December 12th, 2019.  For any winner who cannot be reached within 12 hours after the first contact, the organizer is entitled to choose an alternative winner. 

  1. Taxes

In a promotional competition, winners may be liable to pay income tax and the promoter may be liable to pay social security contributions on the prizes. The winner is also responsible for every other expense related to accepting or organizing the prize. 

  1. Personal information

The organizer might share competition entries on their own online channels. However, all participants are personally asked permission prior sharing any entries. 

If  there is any be personal information shared by the participants, it will be destroyed after the competition and will not be used outside the competition.

  1. Disclaimer 

Neste assumes no liability of any indirect expenses, damages or losses resulting from participating in the Zero travel Nolla cabin or from building or using a Nolla cabin. The participants assume all of the risks of participating in the Zero travel Nolla cabin and events associated with it. Neither Neste nor the architect assume any responsibility for the use of the blueprints, or for any defects in the blueprints or any Nolla cabin. The Nolla cabin is intended for recreational use only and not as a permanent dwelling. 

All rights will be reserved. 

Neste data file description: 


Neste Corporation,

Oct. 23rd, 2019


Kilpailunjärjestäjä/ The organizer

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