25 June 2013

Living sustainability: Sustainability focus areas


Sustainability is a critical part of our cleaner traffic strategy and developing fuels with a smaller environmental footprint that help keep people on the move and able to enjoy its benefits with a clear conscience. It also underpins the way that we listen to our stakeholders and respect the environment, and develop our business in a way that does not compromise anyone’s safety or the company’s overall sustainability.

“Our efforts here have been extensively recognized internationally, and in 2013 we were ranked fourth in The Global 100 list of the world’s most sustainable companies,” says Simo Honkanen, Senior Vice President, Sustainability and HSEQ.

“Sustainable operations are essential for a profitable business. That’s why we introduced a new set of focus areas for Neste Oil’s sustainability work and the way we manage sustainability in fall 2012,” says Simo.

The aim is to make these an integral part of Group-wide strategic operations planning and establish targets for each of them.

“Sustainability is part of everyone’s day-to-day work at Neste Oil, whether you’re in production planning, accounting, on board one of our ships, or in communications. Neste Oil has the opportunity to be a pioneer in sustainability."


We provide cleaner traffic solutions that help people enjoy being on the move and reduce the environmental impact of being mobile.


We listen to our stakeholders. We respect human rights and international norms. We generate prosperity and wellbeing for our stakeholders, pay our taxes, and provide employment.


We act determinedly to prevent incidents and accidents.

Climate and resource efficiency

We respect and protect the environment.


In Neste Oil work feels good and does good.

Sustainable supply chain

We are committed to sustainability throughout our supply chain.