4 July 2013

Living sustainability: Sustainability has to be earned


Safe and efficient processes lie at the heart of Neste Oil’s sustainability-related work at the Porvoo refinery.

”Sustainability is an integral part of our day-to-day work, just like safety,” says the refinery’s Production Department Manager, Jari Koskinen. ”If we encounter a problem, people can see it, feel it, or smell it – and they’re quick to tell us about it too. That’s why acting responsibly and sustainably is essential, and why proactive, open communication is important as well.”

Sustainable and safe operations generate good financial performance, says Jari.

”Expert and skilled personnel, together with safe operating practices, are the foundation for everything we do. Combine this with high levels of operational reliability and you get a good result as well.”

Jari’s experience has been that sustainability and expertise go very much hand-in-hand.

”We consistently enhance our operations in line with the principle of constant improvement, and have a development program specifically aimed at improving our expertise. Our new remuneration system also encourages people to develop their capabilities, and we have two professional qualification groups for helping operators extend their skills and overall competence.”

The refinery’s simulator plays an important tool in training and enables users to practice operating a specific unit or the entire refinery. Exercises on how to deal with dangerous situations are held regularly, and the refinery works closely with the local rescue services and other companies in the Kilpilahti area.

”There’s always room for improving communications, though. If we fail to communicate effectively and lose people’s trust, it would take years to win that trust back. Sustainability has to be earned and that means working sustainably every day.”

According to Production Department Manager Jari Koskinen sustainability has to be earned and you have to work for it every day.