10 August 2015

Low-emission experiences with NEXBTL

At Neste, we want to offer people an opportunity to enjoy travel and experiences with less environmental impact. NEXBTL renewable diesel is a premium-quality, low-emission alternative to fossil fuels. It is made from renewable feedstocks. The use of NEXBTL renewable diesel for electricity generation at Flow makes it possible to considerably reduce the carbon footprint of the festival.

We are proud that we have met the strict environmental and sustainability requirements set by Flow for its partners. This is another feather in the cap of one of the world's most sustainable companies. 

Renewable traffic fuels are part of the solution in the fight against climate change

"Advanced biofuels", such as Neste's proprietary NEXBTL renewable diesel, are the most significant solution to reduce environmental load, and they are cost-efficient and can be easily deployed in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from traffic.

Using NEXBTL renewable diesel made from 100% renewable raw material can achieve greenhouse gas emission reductions of 40–90% compared to fossil diesel. The renewable diesel produced by Neste in 2014 reduced carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 5.6 million tons. This equates to more than 40% of the total annual carbon dioxide emissions from traffic in Finland.

NEXBTL renewable diesel can replace fossil feedstocks in chemical industry applications, such as the production of renewable solvents and renewable plastics. Renewable solvents are an alternative that places less burden on the environment in the production of paints, glues, detergents, and cosmetics, among other products.

Climate change is a phenomenon that concerns the all of us

Neste's renewable fuels are part of the solution, but are not sufficient to solve the problem on their own. Cooperation, increase in knowledge and choices made by communities can make a change.

By generating power with NEXBTL renewable diesel, we can considerably reduce Flow's carbon footprint and join in reducing emissions. We are hoping that you will have unforgettable, atmospheric and happy moments at Flow!

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