Neste MY Renewable Naphtha - a more sustainable component

Neste MY Renewable Naphtha is a ’biogasoline’ that is produced as part of the refining of Neste renewable diesel. The product is very pure, sulfur-free, and virtually aromatics-free.

Neste MY Renewable Naphtha has a higher energy density than ethanol, making it suitable to be used as a bio-based gasoline component in blending gasoline even in specialty and racing fuels. It can also be used, for example, as a feedstock for producing bioplastics and renewable chemicals.

Neste MY Renewable Naphtha is produced from renewable raw materials. The carbon footprint of end-products manufactured from it is smaller than that of products produced from fossil naphtha. 


  • Odorless 
  • Renewable
  • Colorless 
  • Virtually aromatics-free