Resellers and retail chains

Neste offers a variety of products to resellers and retail chains. We are a proud supplier of Northern Canada with Arctic Grade Diesel and Gasoline. We also supply Neste MY Renewable Diesel to our customers across the USA and Canada.

If you are interested in becoming one of our distributors or selling Neste MY Renewable Diesel at your retail chain, please contact our US or Canada office. 

Neste MY Renewable Diesel

Propel Fuel sells nearly 100% Neste MY Renewable Diesel at its stations

In California, our Neste MY Renewable Diesel is available for consumers at Propel's fuel stations under the product name of HPR diesel (High-Performance Renewable). Diesel HPR is a premium fuel engineered to maximize clean diesel engine performance and meets the ASTM D975 diesel specification (ULSD) for use in all diesel engines. Diesel HPR does not contain any biodiesel. Propel’s Diesel HPR uses Neste MY Renewable Diesel. Diesel HPR is available at 18 Propel locations in Sacramento, San Jose, East Bay, Redwood City and Fresno. Read more at

Golden Gate Petroleum is our trusted distributor in Western US

Golden Gate Petroleum, which is one of the largest petroleum and biofuels distributors in the Western United Sates, distributes Neste MY Renewable Diesel for fleet customers. They started distributing alternative fuels in 1996 and became the first US distributor for Neste MY Renewable Diesel in 2013.