21 August 2014

Neste Latvia awarded for equality

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The award was handed to Arttu Airiainen, General Manager, Neste Latvia (second to left).


Neste Latvia has taken part in Latvian Sustainability Index since 2011 and the company has been ranked in TOP10 for three consecutive years. This year, the index emphasized equality between men and women in the participating companies. Neste Latvia was awarded with ‘the Most Gender Equal Company in Latvia’ honorary award.

It was stated in the award ceremony that, according to studies, equal participation of genders in company’s senior and middle management improves functionality of organization and financial results in the European Union. In addition, it was stated in the ceremony that ensuring equal possibilities for both men and women is one of the cornerstones of business in the European countries.

“Our experiences are in line with the study results, for our financial results have improved four years in a row.”, says Arttu Airiainen, General Manager, Neste Latvia.

Neste Latvia and equality

  • Percentage of men and women in Riga office is 50-50
  • Women’s average wage is 95.4% of men’s average wage
  • When recruiting, the most suitable person is looked for instead of man or woman
  • Every employee has an equal right to parental leave and, for example, a mother isn’t urged to come back to work in 3-6 months, which is the case in many Latvian companies.