9 July 2012

Neste Oil’s partner receives recognition for its work on the biofuel field

Neste Oil’s partner Lufthansa was recognized for its work on the field of biofuels. The airline was placed first in the environment category of the Strategy Awards awarded by a prestigious British Airline Business magazine. In its commentary, the jury emphasized Lufthansa’s pioneering role in testing and developing synthetic fuel in aviation. Neste Oil and Lufthansa conducted a renewable aviation fuel trial in 2011 during which Neste Oil’s renewable NExBTL aviation fuel was used in one of the engines of the aircraft operating regularly scheduled services between Hamburg and Frankfurt. The Strategy Award was presented to Lufthansa’s Vice President, Aviation, Joachim Buse on 8 July in London.

In addition to the prize awarded in London, Lufthansa’s sustainable and environmental operation was recognized also earlier during this summer as an American airline industry publication Air Transport World (ATW) chose the company as the Gold Eco Airline of the Year. Neste Oil and Lufthansa’s co-operation was mentioned also in this jury’s comments.

Neste Oil is happy for the success of its partner. “Our co-operation with Lufthansa was successful and we want to warmly congratulate them for the recognition they have earned. On our behalf, we are extremely happy and pleased that we are able to help our partners to operate their business sustainably by offering cleaner fuel solutions” rejoice Matti Lehmus, Neste Oil’s Executive Vice President, Oil Products and Renewables.

Lufthansa began scheduled commercial flights using Neste Oil’s NExBTL renewable aviation fuel in July 2011, and the trial lasted six months until December. During the trial almost 1,200 flights was flown using NExBTL renewable aviation fuel. In addition to these flights, Lufthansa flew its first intercontinental flight between Frankfurt and Washington D.C. with renewable aviation fuel at the beginning of 2012.

Joachim Buse, Lufthansa's Vice President Aviation, received the award in 
London on 8 July. Right in the picture: Sharon Mc Closkey, VP Marketing 
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

Picture: Lufthansa