1 June 2012

Neste Oil has a "Summer President" during the summer 2012

Neste Oil organized quite a different summer trainee recruitment campaign in Finland over the past winter. An open search was launched to the post of "Summer President" - a person whose whole time job is to get to know the company from different aspects and, based on the experiences, create new ideas and also report about the findings in public.

Hannele Jakosuo-Jansson, Neste Oil's Senior Vice President, Human Resources, considered the campaign as a success: “The campaign was overall a very positive surprise. The young applicants showed exactly the kind of innovation and inspiration that company like Neste Oil needs".

After a tight battle, a chemical engineering student Mikko Laine from Espoo was elected "Summer President" in February. Altogether there were over 60 applicants to the post, six of which were chosen for the first round. The applicants organized massive campaigns both in traditional and social media. After two months of campaigning, two candidates with most public online votes went through lection panel discussion with Neste Oil representatives that led to the final selection

Follow Mikko's journey in a blog

The long-awaited employee has now arrived to Neste Oil and started his work.