13 July 2015

Neste renewed the online service experience

Neste has launched a reform of its online services, aiming to serve customers even better in a changing market. The first phase of the reform is the new website launched towards the end of the spring.

The reform project aimed to improve the quality of online service at every level. The technology platform, site design and content were updated to better meet customer needs.

Thousands of content elements have been created for the site. The work has involved approximately 13 organizations within Neste and some 15 external companies – bringing the total number of people to a three-digit number. The development work has continued for about a year. Extensive planning and a preliminary survey preceded it.

Customer-oriented online service

Customer orientation has been one of the main pillars of the development work. This can also be seen in the changes to the content.

"The online service will include completely new sections that serve customers. The focus of the site will shift to supporting sales," says Steering Manager Paula M. Ollila.

For example, the reform includes setting up a completely new site for the German market area.

Neste's new online service is built using modern Web technologies. The aim is for the site to be useful, easy to use and attractive to its users. Moreover, it must work smoothly on devices of all types.

The website is responsive, meaning that it adapts to small smartphone and tablet screens as well as large PC displays.

Agile digital development

The major project has been carried out using new agile development methods, which are considerably different to conventional development methods. A conventional IT project is built in a single phase, and it will be finished only at the end of the project.

In agile development, the work is done in short cycles – in the case of Neste, in two-week periods. Finished content is created all the time, and the functioning of the output can be experienced immediately.

In spite of challenges, the method has turned out to work well. During the project, the needs of some Web service functions changed, but this could be addressed due to agile development.

Pleasant service experience for customers

Neste's site reform and increasingly strong deployment of digital services will continue.

"We are developing digital services that will make life easier for private as well as corporate customers. This requires a humble attitude, listening to customers, and continuous development,” says Mika Hyötyläinen, Vice President, Marketing, Oil Retail.
"The first services on the revised site will be launched this year," he adds.

 The work will continue, new services are being planned all the time, and some are already under development. "Next, we will begin to develop new kinds of services using the same agile method on top of the new Web service," Paula M. Ollila says. "We have made sure that the technological solutions will not exclude future digital technology that is not even known yet."


The online service will include completely new sections that serve customers.
Paula M. Ollila, Steering Manager