uncategorized · 7/4/2016

100% Neste Renewable Diesel now available for motor-driven water sports in Germany

Neste Corporation

100% Neste Renewable Diesel now available for motor-driven water sports in Germany


Neste's partner, Tool Fuel, has established a retail network for more sustainable fuels in the field of motor-driven water sports across the German part of the Baltic Sea. Through its retail network Tool Fuel offers sport boat owners a possibility to refuel their boats with 100% renewable and sustainable Neste Renewable Diesel. Neste Renewable Diesel is marketed as C.A.R.E Diesel® by Tool Fuel.

Using Neste Renewable Diesel has several benefits to marine sports. For example, the fuel ensures an efficient and clean combustion, and provides the vehicle with extra power compared to, for instance, traditional biodiesel. It is also fully compatible with the existing fuel distribution infrastructure, and being odorless the typical diesel smell on board vanishes.

Neste Renewable Diesel is produced from 100% renewable and sustainable raw materials and does not contain any traditional biodiesel. Neste Renewable diesel does away with concerns over the so-called diesel pest, namely the risk of filter blockings from sediments and water accumulation in the tank, thereby increasing marine safety.

Neste in brief:

Neste is a pioneer in oil refining and renewable solutions. We provide our customers with premium-quality products for cleaner traffic and industrial products based on world-class research. We are the world's leading producer of renewable diesel, and our annual production capacity is more than 2 million tons. We also are the world's largest company providing renewable fuel from waste and residues. Our sustainable operations have received recognition in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and the Global 100 list of the world's most sustainable companies, among others. Our net sales for 2015 amounted to approximately EUR 11 billion, and our shares are listed on NASDAQ Helsinki. Cleaner traffic, energy and life are moved forward by about 5,000 professionals. More information: