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ADIC Slush stage featured students' pitches on future Neste stations

ADIC Slush stage featured students' pitches on future Neste stations

13 November 2015

Neste took part in Slush 2015 event by participating in Accenture Digital Innovation Challenge. The idea in ADIC challenge was to team up well-established companies or organizations with students and challenge students to create new digital solutions in start-up spirit.

Power of co-creation

Neste had two teams in the finals. Both of them gathered from university students as well as the other teams. Team Aitta saw Neste stations as a hub for sharing economy whereas team Innosense presented carpooling service that was built around stations.

Even though either of the Neste teams did not win the challenge both Neste and students saw potential in the co-operation model. "We are continuously looking for ways to improve customer experience. This is especially true in digital context. Finding true innovations demands courage to think above conventional models", says Mika Hyötyläinen, Marketing Director.

For students creating a digital solution for company that it is not digital in its core was an interesting challenge. "Working as a team with Neste was a great experience. Immediate atmosphere and openness to new ideas surprised us positively", Robin Westerberg summed up on behalf of the team Innosense. Also team Aitta was pleased with the co-operation: "We are impressed by the innovation spirit in Neste. We valued highly the inspiring attitude and the constructive feedback we got during the challenge", says Ida Sten behalf of the team.

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Snapshots from the event @nesteofficial in Instagram