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Astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin attracted a large audience to Neste Oil’s ‘The only way is forward’ seminar


Neste Oil’s ‘The only way is forward – Fueled by courage’ seminar attracted hundreds of listeners to Finlandia Hall in Helsinki on 20 November. As keynote speaker, legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin presented his ideas on courage, together with a panel of well-known speakers drawn from the Finnish business community.

The seminar was opened by Neste Oil’s President & CEO, Matti Lievonen, who highlighted the company’s reason for organizing the event: to promote debate on what courage means and the significant contribution that it can make to business and society generally. He also explained what it has meant for Neste Oil in recent years.

“We took a bold decision back in 2006 to set ourselves the strategic target of becoming the world’s leading renewable diesel producer. By the end of 2010, we had achieved our goal.”

Keynote speaker astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin and Neste Oil's President & CEO Matti Lievonen.

Dr. Buzz Aldrin: Mankind needs people who are willing to explore the world and seek out new innovations

Buzz Aldrin has been the figurehead of Neste Oil’s latest advertising campaign since August. The campaign has focused on Neste Oil’s long-term commitment to being a pioneer in its field and taking bold steps that can make a real difference to where the world is going. As the second man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin is uniquely positioned to talk about what courage has meant for him.

Aldrin’s keynote speech was greeted with hushed silence from the audience, eager to hear first-hand about a journey that took great courage. He described that first moon flight as symbolizing what people and teamwork, at their best, can achieve.

“With a united effort and a great team, you too can achieve great things,” he said, going on to say that he believes that mankind needs people who are willing to explore the world and seek out new innovations. He ended his presentation with the following words: “We need the next generation to believe that the only way is forward!”

“When people work together you can sometimes accomplish the 'impossible'“. - Dr. Buzz Aldrin

Dr. Buzz Aldrin's story took the audience to the Moon and back.

In line with the seminar’s theme, the subsequent panel discussion – featuring Hjallis Harkimo, Jussi Hurmola (Jolla), Mika Pantzar (Aalto University), Tuomas Hyyryläinen (Neste Oil), and Helene Auramo (Zipipop) – also focused on courage. The seminar was hosted by Peter Nyman.

The panel discussed about definitions and measures of courage. 

Following the seminar, Dr. Aldrin visited Neste Oil’s headquarters in Keilaranta.

Watch ‘The only way is forward’ campaign video.

Photos: Pasi Salminen