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Consumers have decided: the Doughnut Trick campaign supports the summer camp activities of SOS Children's Villages

Neste Corporation
5 May 2017

Consumers have decided: the Doughnut Trick campaign supports the summer camp activities of SOS Children's Villages


During May Day, Neste and Fazer Bakery carried out the Doughnut Trick campaign, in which Fazer Bakery donated doughnut waste fat and Neste refined it into 1,200 liters of Neste MY Renewable Diesel. An amount equaling the proceeds from the sale of the fuel will be donated to charity to support the summer camp cativities of the Finnish chapter of SOS Children's Villages International.

Fazer Bakeries and Neste came up with the Doughnut Trick campaign as a way of reminding people in Finland about the potential of the circular economy and recycling. There are many new uses for waste and residues. SOS Children's Villages was selected as the charity, as Fazer has worked long with the organization.

"We have supported the organization for more than 40 years. We want to support its activities to create safe family environments for children and young people," says Liisa Eerola, Communications Director at Fazer.

Proceeds from the Doughnut Trick will be donated to SOS Children's Villages to support its summer camp activities. During May Day, consumers were able to vote how to donate the proceeds in social media channels. Thousands of people posted their opinions.

The most voters agreed that the proceeds should be used to donate sports equipment to SOS Children's Villages and to support its exercise activities. These proposals were followed by drawing and musical instruments.

"The summer camps of SOS Children's Villages act as a significant counterbalance to children. The aim of these camps is, through various functional means, to help children to handle emotions, even difficult ones, which many orphan children face. I would like to thank our partners Fazer and Neste for this wonderful support. This will make many children happy this summer," says Kei Heikkilä, fundraising manager at SOS Children's Villages.

"We are happy to be part of this circular economy experiment, in which we refined doughnut waste fat into high-quality Neste MY Renewable Diesel at our Porvoo refinery. It is wonderful that the proceeds are used to support the activities of children," says Johan Lunabba, Director, Sustainability at Neste. 

Last Christmas, Neste jointly cooperated with the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland and other partners in its Christmas ham campaign. The campaign involved collecting waste ham  fats for recycling into fuel, and it was a big success. The May Day Doughnut Trick continued these charitable efforts in the spirit of the circular economy, this time with waste doughnutfat. The future shows what we will refine next.

Further information for media:

Johan Lunabba, Director, Sustainability, Neste
+358 10 458 0795,

Liisa Eerola, Communications Director, Fazer Group
+358 44 710 8860

Aija Rikala, Communications Manager, SOS Children's Villages
+358 50 555 2515

The Doughnut Trick is a joint project of Neste and Fazer Bakery. Its purpose is to bring the circular economy closer to consumers by means of a concrete example. During May Day 2017, Fazer Bakeries donated its doughnut fat to Neste, and Neste will use it to make renewable fuel at its Porvoo refinery. Finally, an amount equaling the proceeds from the sale of the fuel will be donated to the activities of SOS Children's Villages.

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