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Diesel R33 enables CO2 savings of at least 20 percent – test phase completed in Germany

Neste Corporation News 20 December 2018

An extensive trial involving an innovative fuel that enables CO2 savings of at least 20 percent, compared to conventional fossil diesel, has been successfully completed. Over a period of nine months, employees at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg filled company vehicles exclusively with Diesel R33.

Following the successful test phase, Diesel R33 is now being used at the German automaker’s filling stations in Wolfsburg. A test operation has begun at the Volkswagen plant in Salzgitter.

One-third renewable diesel composition

Diesel R33 contains 26% renewable diesel (HVO, classified as advanced biofuels) produced by Neste. It also contains 7% conventional biodiesel (FAME) manufactured by other partners, as well as 67% fossil diesel.

Due to its 26% share of HVO-type diesel, the new blend offers by far the highest biofuel content of any diesel blend fulfilling and exceeding the requirements for diesel fuels used in the European Union. The maximum limit for adding FAME-type biofuel to fossil fuel under the EU’s Fuel Quality Directive and the EN 590 diesel standard is 7%. The fuel has a 33% renewable composition, hence the R33 in its name.

The Diesel R33 concept was jointly developed by Volkswagen and Coburg University in cooperation with Shell, Neste and Tecosol.

A way to help attain climate goals

“Diesel R33 is an easy solution that doesn’t need any additional certification on the automotive side or change in legislation. This blend does not require modifications to be made to the car’s engines or to the filling stations that choose to offer it”, says Markku Honkanen, Head of Technical Services, Oil Products & Renewable Products, Neste.

The renewable part of Diesel R33 comes mainly from waste and residues, such as those used to fry potato chips, that have been filtered and cleaned. The second part of converting cooking fat into fuel is to process it into a paraffin mixture. This is added on top of the regular fuel, on a one-to-three ratio.

Further information: Markku Honkanen, Head of Technical Services, Oil Products & Renewable Products, Neste, tel. +358 50 458 4827

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