uncategorized · 3/26/2009

Donate an hour for the Earth 26.03.2009

The lights will be turned off at homes and offices for one hour on 28 March 2009 at 8.30 pm (EET). World’s largest climate event, Earth Hour 2009 is being organized by WWF. Goal is that over billion people in more than 1,000 cities would turn of their lights for an hour. Neste Oil will participate in the event by turning off lights at the company’s headquarters, Keilaranta 21.

Turning off lights symbolizes our common concern about climate change. By participating in Earth Hour you communicate your desire to combat climate change at all levels. At the same time, Earth Hour encourages politicians to agree on urgently needed global measures to limit greenhouse gas emissions, when they meet at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen in December 2009.

By March 2009 more than 83 countries had registered to participate in this year’s event, as well as almost 2,720 cities and municipalities, and many large and small companies around the world.

Earth Hour 2009