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European Parliament approved the biofuel legislation reform (ILUC Directive)


On 28 April, the European Parliament approved the final text of the so-called ILUC Directive. The purpose of the Directive is to mitigate the risk of possible indirect land use change emissions resulting from conversion of existing agricultural land into production of raw materials for biofuels.

The Directive voted by the European parliament seeks to achieve this aim by limiting the use of crop-based raw materials to maximum of 7% of energy content of transport fuels, while maintaining the key EU target of achieving 10 % renewable share in transport fuels by 2020. In addition, the EU Member States can set a sub-target for other than crop-based biofuels.

The ILUC-Directive will have no significant impact on Neste's business. Neste is the world's largest producer of renewable fuels from waste and residues. In 2014, already 62% of Neste's renewable raw materials were different wastes and residues. Neste's 1.3 million tonnes (1.6 billion liters) of renewable fuel from waste and residues would be enough to fuel all 650 000 diesel-powered passenger cars in Finland for two years.

Pending a purely formal approval of the EU Council of Ministers, the EU Member States have maximum of 24 months to adjust their national legislation to the requirements of the Directive.