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Freezing temperatures - Arctic diesel available on selected Neste Oil stations in northern Finland

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8 January 2016 at 9 am. (EET)

Freezing temperatures - Arctic diesel available on selected Neste Oil stations in northern Finland

Arctic diesel suitable for extremely cold temperatures is available from four Neste Oil stations as well as eight heavy traffic stations in northern Finland.

Neste's Arctic diesel has been developed and tested to handle even the most extreme of weather conditions. The lowest storage temperature of Arctic diesel (-40/-44) is -40 °C, and a well-maintained diesel car runs on it down to the temperature of -44 degrees. Neste's Arctic diesel does not contain conventional FAME biodiesel, which is why it can also be stored over long periods with full performance available immediately when necessary.

It is recommended in extremely cold temperatures that diesel vehicles are preheated or parked in a warm garage before starting the engine. If needed, Arctic diesel fuel can be added to any other diesel fuel types in any application rate.

All Neste Oil's stations granting K-Plussa bonus provide winter-quality Neste Pro Diesel, which also has excellent cold characteristics. It can be used down to -37 °C temperatures and stored at -32 °C whereas the corresponding temperatures for traditional diesel are -34 °C and -29 °C.

Arctic diesel is available from the following Neste Oil stations:

Traffic stations:

Neste Oil Kemi Lapintuuli, Veitsiluodontie 19, 94830 Kemi
Neste Oil Kolari, Muoniontie 3, 95900 Kolari
Neste Oil -automaatti Kuusamo Ruka, Rukanriutta 1, 93825 Rukatunturi
Neste Oil Rovaniemi Reissumies, Alakorkalontie 22, 96300 Rovaniemi

Truck stations:

Neste Oil Truck Kolari, Muoniontie 3, 95900 Kolari
D Rovaniemi Alakorkalo, Nurmenkummuntie 2, 96700 Rovaniemi
Neste Oil Truck Oulu Äimärautio, Äimätie 1, 90400 Oulu
Neste Oil Truck Suomussalmi KTK, Kivikatu 5, 89600 Suomussalmi
Neste Oil Truck Kuusamo Kitkantie, Kitkantie 83, 93600 Kuusamo
D Ivalo KTK, Rovaniementie 305, 99800 Ivalo
Neste Oil Truck Kemi Lapintuuli, Veitsiluodontie 19, 94830 Kemi
Neste Oil Truck Sodankylä Ranniotie, Ranniotie 10, 99600 Sodankylä

Neste Corporation

Kaisa Lipponen
Director, Corporate Communications

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