innovation · 3/22/2018

NAPCON releases new features to its products for improved production optimization, data reporting and simulator training

Neste Corporation news 22 March 2018

NAPCON developed by Neste Engineering Solutions provides solutions for production and logistics optimization, data reporting and analysis as well as for operator training in the process industry. NAPCON products are continuously developed to meet the demands of digitalization and to be ready for the requirements of the future.

NAPCON is now introducing new features to its existing product categories. "We want to improve the customer experience of our products all the time and therefore we are now introducing new features to our products. These improvements have been developed based on continuous cooperation with our customers and their valuable feedback. It is important for us to make our customers' production plants more effective in every way", says Jyri Lindholm, Head of Product Management, NAPCON.

NAPCON Train category has received several enhancements to NAPCON Simulator, Operator Training Simulator. Trainer Dashboard has improved trainer functions with new fault triggering options and has now a visual training class map for easy set-up of flexible training room for various training sessions. Also, Operator user interface has received touch screen support for soft switches. All the new features and improvements will make the usage of NAPCON Simulator even easier and more user-friendly. 

Also to the NAPCON Games Distiller, Operator training game has got several improvements into high fidelity process model, new and improved training scenarios and other gamification features based on customer feedback. There is a new micro-feedback feature for showing content and tips exactly when they are needed. Learning statistic and reporting features are improved also.

NAPCON Improve category includes production optimization solution, NAPCON Controller, and a plant-wide optimization solution, NAPCON Optimizer. Continuous development of the NAPCON Improve product category has brought significant improvements to future reliability needs, usability and user friendliness of the underlying solutions. 

"All changes to the controller and optimizer now undergo rigorous testing in an automatic testing platform to ensure the reliability and high quality of process control and optimization solutions delivered to the clients", continues Lindholm. 

To achieve the maximum control performance with NAPCON Controller we are introducing a new feature called Model Validator, which will continuously analyze the quality of model predictions. Also to ensure the safe environment of controller tuning testing we are now providing a Controller Performance Tuning Platform. This new feature will allow to pretesting of any changes done to the controller tuning in a simulated environment before their actual deployment.

NAPCON Understand category products maximize the security of plant data with NAPCON Informer and information availability with NAPCON Analytics. Data calculation engine of NAPCON Analytics has increased calculation speed and new visualization panels and extended support for OPC UA data. NAPCON Informer is improved with UA Server user management and authentication. Data replication can now be easily done inside a cloud solution and the Information Manager feature has now also automatic trend scaling.

NAPCON Decide category includes solutions and consulting to help our customers to make the best decisions for their production plant. NAPCON Flow Dynamics will enable modelling of processes to design the production plant in the best way possible to guarantee the most efficient production. NAPCON Flow Dynamics enables now support for testing control strategies dynamically in order to ensure safe operation from day-to-day work to fault and disturbance scenarios. NAPCON Business Optimizer now includes tools for making RAM (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability) analysis.

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Further information: Joanna Viileinen, Communication and Marketing Specialist, NAPCON, Neste Engineering Solutions Oy, tel. +358 50458 9557, joanna.viileinen(at)

NAPCON developed by Neste Engineering Solutions offers you a wide range of advanced process automation solutions to enhance your production. The dedicated solutions based on extensive process know-how and modern software engineering fulfil your needs on the areas of Production Optimization, Quality Optimization, Safety, Logistics, Business Optimization, Environment and Big Data. NAPCON offers also innovative solutions to train operators with simulators and games. 

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