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Neste Green diesel has proved a success during its first month

Neste Oil Corporation
Oil Retail
Press Release June 18 at 13.30

Neste Green diesel, which was launched by Neste Oil at the beginning of May, has proved a success with drivers. The new fuel has been available at Neste Oil service stations and other outlets in Greater Helsinki and the surrounding area. Sales of diesel fuel at Neste Oil stations this year have grown clearly over last year’s figures, and this trend has also been reflected at those selling Neste Green.

“Diesel fuel sales have been moving in a positive direction overall,” says Sakari Toivola, Neste Oil’s Executive Vice President, Oil Retail. “Neste Green diesel sold at least as well as conventional diesel during its first month. Although we are distributing it at a limited number of outlets at the moment and having only been doing so for a short time, all the signs are that motorists in Finland have taken to Neste Green diesel well and see it as a good alternative for their vehicles and the environment.”

Neste Green diesel contains a minimum of 10% renewable fuel, and its launch represents an important step forward on the European traffic fuel market. The product has generated interest and discussion among drivers, decision-makers, and others.

“We studied consumers’ views on the new fuel after the launch and the results have been very positive,” continues Toivola. “Consumers have been particularly pleased with the fact that Neste Green diesel can be used in any diesel vehicle and that it generates lower levels of tailpipe emissions than conventional fuel.”

Neste Oil has also reviewed Finnish consumers’ views of the company generally, and the results of the latest study show that close to 70% of Finns believe that Neste Oil is very much committed to R&D aimed at promoting a better environment.

Neste Green diesel

Neste Green diesel is a premium-quality fuel that complies with the EN 590 standard and is compatible with all diesel engines. It offers cleaner combustion performance than conventional diesel, reducing carbon buildup in engines. Neste Green diesel also has a higher cetane number than conventional diesel, which gives smoother and cleaner cold starts.

Neste Green diesel contains a minimum of 10% NExBTL renewable diesel, and its greenhouse gas emissions are 5% lower than those of conventional diesel. Its tailpipe emissions are also lower, which contributes to better ambient air quality, particularly in urban areas.

Neste Oil Corporation

Sakari Toivola
Executive Vice President, Oil Retail

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