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Neste is cooperating with the Oleofuels 2018 event in Helsinki

5 June 2018 at 2 pm (EET)

Oleofuels 2018 will be organized for the first time in Finland, Helsinki and it brings together  representatives from the biodiesel, renewable diesel, HVO and fossil fuel industries to discuss the latest market developments and business opportunities.

“We are pleased that the Oleofuels conference takes place in Helsinki for the first time. It is exactly here in Finland, where Neste invented the innovative NEXBTL technology for producing renewable diesel out of renewable oil and fat based waste and residues,” says Anselm Eisentraut, Head of Market Intelligence at Neste, and one of the key speakers at Oleofuels.

“I am glad to participate in the discussions of the role of renewable fuels in combating climate change with the participants of Oleofuels 2018. Emission reduction ambitions are driving demand for renewable fuels, and lead companies to switch to low-emission renewable fuels and private consumers to choose sustainable, low-carbon fuel for their vehicles”, continues Eisentraut.

It will be the 11th edition of highly successful series of the event & this year the key area of discussion will cover regulatory uncertainties related to the key policies in Europe (REDII, ILUC), its impact on the overall supply & demand trends, Global market updates, as well as key business opportunities. Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) & Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) production status will also be discussed, as well as feedstocks availabilities & the need of staying competitive in the light of growing expansion of biofuels production.

There is also a unique opportunity for the participants of Oleofuels to visit Neste’s Porvoo refinery,  located in the Kilpilahti industrial area. The Porvoo refinery is among the most advanced in Europe, and besides refining crude oil based products, it has two units producing renewable diesel.

Further information:

Anselm Eisentraut, Head of Market Intelligence, Neste, email:

Contact at the event, Chris Taylor, tel. +44 (0) 7752 698 914