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Neste Jacobs Awarded the Best Summer Trainee Employer in Finland

Neste Jacobs Oy
Press Release
29 October 2014 at 2 pm

Neste Jacobs Awarded the Best Summer Trainee Employer in Finland

Technology, engineering and project management company Neste Jacobs has been awarded Best Summer Trainee Employer of the Year 2014 in Finland. The winner was selected by the jury consisting of students of Akava and chaired by the Minister of Labor, Mr. Lauri Ihalainen.

In the selection the jury emphasized the equal treatment of the summer trainees. In the jury argumentation Neste Jacobs stood out in respecting the young employees. The summer trainees earned fair salary and their well-being at work was taken care of throughout the whole employment.

"It is important to respect the employees of all ages. The young people deserve their salary from their work just as well as the older ones. Employees in different ages give advantage to companies by bringing experience, enthusiasm and creative thinking to the operation", highlights the Minister of Labor Lauri Ihalainen, who handed out the prize.

The Chairman of Akava students, Jouni Markkanen thanks Neste Jacobs for an unprejudiced attitude towards the summer trainees.

"It is for the benefit of the company to introduce the employees to their work and to take them immediately as a part of the whole work community. The tasks which develop own competence and the support from the superior motivate the employees to good performance, increase the commitment towards the employer and create good reputation for the company", says Jouni Markkanen, the Chairman of Akava students.

The experience gained from summer employment is beneficial also for the students. According to the  Akava training indicator, working experience is the biggest single factor supporting the new employment after the graduation.

About 60 % out of all the university students work during their studies. Within post graduate studies the figure is even higher. People don't just work in order to cover the high living cost, but also in order to network and to adapt the things learned during the studies. In the future we need to think how the demands of the working life and education coincide even better", says Jouni Markkanen.

"We are proud and glad to receive the prize for Best Summer Trainee Employer of the Year 2014", says Jarmo Suominen, the Managing Director of Neste Jacobs. "We at Neste Jacobs believe that with passionate and committed people great things can be achieved and people are absolutely our greatest asset. It is great that we have been able to spread this attitude also among Akava students."

Best Summer Trainee Employer was now awarded for the 7th time with numerous candidates. 

For further information:
Jarmo Suominen, Managing Director, Neste Jacobs Oy, tel +358 50 458 3399

Miia Lehmuskoski, Head of HR, Neste Jacobs Oy, tel +358 50 458 9590

Jouni Markkanen, Chairman of Akava students, tel +358 40 5429514

Miika Sahamies, Expert, young adults and working life, Akava,
tel +358 50 530 5366

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Akava, the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland, is a trade union confederation for those with university, professional or other high-level education. The members of all Akava affiliates typically serve in management or expert positions in fields such as education, technology or medicine. Additionally, Akava has 110,000 student members.