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Neste Jacobs sets out to revolutionize operator training with NAPCON Games

Neste Jacobs
Press Release
22 August 2017 at 10 am. (EET)

Neste Jacobs sets out to revolutionize operator training with NAPCON Games

Technology, engineering and project management company Neste Jacobs releases a new product portfolio called NAPCON Games, which will gamify operator training. NAPCON Games can be combined with traditional operator training methods to maximize the benefits and to improve the operator training for the process industry.
NAPCON Games product portfolio will include a series of games to enhance operator training significantly.

The first game now to be launched is a transformational mobile game; NAPCON Games Fuel Blender, which gives a hint of what NAPCON Games can offer for the process industry worldwide.

NAPCON Games Fuel Blender enables players to dive head first into the exciting world of fuel blending by being in charge of creating the optimal product. In the 9 different levels with variety of difficulty, the player is in charge of blending the optimal end-product with the available components and resources. NAPCON Games Fuel Blender not only tests the players' skills as a top of the notch fuel blender, but also allows the player to compete with others and see how their fuel blend stacks up against others based on profit. NAPCON Games Fuel Blender is an interactive, engaging and fun way to test skills in the art of fuel blending and to learn more about the different components that go into a fuel blend. This game does not require any previous experience or knowledge of operator work nor fuel blending and therefore suits well for all players.

"Gamifying is a very current topic at the moment and we are now the only company providing gaming solutions for the process industry. The NAPCON Games Fuel Blender is the first new generation game of its kind for basic training of different blending scenarios", says Jyri Lindholm, Head of Product Management of NAPCON, Neste Jacobs.

"Our NAPCON Games product portfolio offers a new, more interactive, fun and engaging way of training, which can have an amazing impact on learning. According to several researches e.g. one conducted by the University of Colorado*, simulations, games, and gamified e-learning had the following impact on adult learners: 14% increase in skill-based-knowledge assessments, 11% increase in terms of factual-knowledge and 9% increase in retention rate", Jyri Lindholm continues.

NAPCON Games Fuel Blender is now available free in the App Store from and Google Play store from

More information on NAPCON Games from or
Satu Stolt, Marketing and Communications Manager, Neste Jacobs, tel. +358 50 458 9779

*Research was conducted by Traci Sitzmann, Assistant Professor of Management at University of  Colorado. The research material included 65 different existing researches on gamification and data from 6,476 adult learners. 

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