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Neste MY Renewable Diesel Receives Industry’s First TOP TIER Certification

The recognition reinforces Neste’s leadership in providing a high-quality and immediate solution for road transport decarbonization

Neste MY Renewable Diesel station

Neste Corporation, News, 6 July 2021 at 10.05 a.m. (ET) / 5.05 p.m. (EET)

Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ is the first renewable diesel brand to receive TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel certification for its high quality and powerful performance. The standard was introduced in 2017 and has been endorsed by many engine manufacturers, including General Motors, Volkswagen, Detroit Diesel, Navistar, and Ford.

“The TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel certification is a significant validation of Neste’s pioneering vision to develop premium renewable diesel products, and it fully puts to rest the false view that using a low carbon, sustainable fuel requires sacrificing performance,” said Matt Leuck, technical manager of Renewable Road Transportation in North America at Neste.

Simply by switching to Neste MY Renewable Diesel, fleet operators can immediately transform any diesel powered vehicle or equipment to release no new GHG emissions from the tailpipe with no extra costs and no modifications to existing engines. An additional benefit is the reduction of harmful engine-out emissions, which means cleaner air for people living in communities that have high levels of exposure to heavy traffic and diesel pollution.

As more businesses set ambitious goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions, filling up on renewable diesel offers fleet operators a competitive advantage. Neste is making it easy for fleet operators to meet the requirements of companies that are increasingly requiring their partners and suppliers to use cleaner fuels, such as UPS, Nike, and Amazon. In fact, TOP TIER™ certified Neste MY Renewable Diesel is available in the United States right now at more than 1,400 delivery points across California and Oregon. Additionally, Neste MY Renewable Diesel is available in Europe in Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

“On behalf of the TOP TIER™ Diesel sponsors, we are happy to welcome Neste to the TOP TIER™ family,” said Rebecca Monroe, Fuel Trademark Lead at TOP TIER™. “Our standards were developed to ensure better fuel quality for diesel fuel retailers, auto and engine manufacturers. As the first renewable diesel certified by TOP TIER™, Neste MY Renewable Diesel meets all of the requirements without needing any deposit control additives.”

Developed and enforced by leading automotive and heavy duty equipment manufacturers, TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel is the optimal fuel standard for diesel engine cleanliness performance. In pursuing the certification, Neste MY Renewable Diesel has gone through rounds of rigorous tests and exceeded the stringent requirements of the TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel Performance Standard, which includes: Reduction of internal and external fuel injector deposits, increased lubricity for less wear on critical fuel system components, improved fuel stability resulting in less deposits in the fuel system components, and increased protection against water and particulates introduced into the fuel before being dispensed into the vehicle or equipment.

“Renewable diesel is truly a ‘drop-in’ fuel as it meets the same ASTM D975 standard for petroleum diesel,” said Alissa Recker, Catalyst and Fuels Engineer at DETROIT®, one of the OEM sponsors of the TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel certification. “It contains no aromatics or impurities, and is your best solution to minimize your emission-based footprint without additional capital investment.”

Neste has been in the vanguard of providing more and cleaner fuels. In the last decade, the company has supplied over 1.6 billion gallons of renewable diesel into California, and was one of the first companies to introduce renewable diesel into Oregon after the state adopted its Clean Fuels Program. 

Currently, Neste produces more than 1 billion gallons of renewable products annually and is on track to increase its production capacity to 1.5 billion in 2023. Please visit this resource page to find a nearby fueling station and a certified Neste MY Renewable Diesel distributor.

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Neste in brief

Neste (NESTE, Nasdaq Helsinki) creates solutions for combating climate change and accelerating a shift to a circular economy. We refine waste, residues and innovative raw materials into renewable fuels and sustainable feedstock for plastics and other materials. We are the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel, developing chemical recycling to combat the plastic waste challenge. We aim at helping customers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with our renewable and circular solutions by at least 20 million tons annually by 2030. As a technologically advanced refiner of high-quality oil products with a commitment to reach carbon-neutral production by 2035, we are also introducing renewable and recycled raw materials such as waste plastic as refinery raw materials. We have consistently been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices and the Global 100 list of the world’s most sustainable companies. In 2020, Neste's revenue stood at EUR 11.8 billion, with 94% of the company’s comparable operating profit coming from renewable products. Read more: 


TOP TIER™ is a higher fuel standard designed to help maintain and care for engines. It has been developed and is now supported by 11 auto manufacturers including:  Audi, BMW, Detroit Diesel, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Mercedes, Navistar, Toyota, and Volkswagen. TOP TIER™ has both a gasoline and a diesel program with requirements to address the specific fuel needs for each. The TOP TIER™ Detergent Gasoline program focuses on performance of deposit control fuel additives while the TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel program has requirements for deposit control, lubricity, stability, and includes station housekeeping measures for water and filtration control.