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Neste MY Renewable Diesel to cut emissions from Lassila & Tikanoja's operations

Neste Corporation
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9 January 2017 at 10.00 am. (EET)

Neste MY Renewable Diesel to cut emissions from Lassila & Tikanoja's operations


Image: Lassila & Tikanoja

Neste and Lassila & Tikanoja have signed a partnership contract to use Neste MY Renewable Diesel, produced entirely from waste and residues, in selected waste transportation vehicles of Lassila & Tikanoja in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Neste has launched the product in the Finnish market today, January 9, 2017. Compared to conventional fossil diesel, Neste MY Renewable Diesel has up to 90% lower greenhouse gas emissions during the life cycle of the fuel.

"I'm very happy to see important transportation operators such as Lassila & Tikanoja start using Neste MY Renewable Diesel immediately as it becomes available. Neste MY is an excellent solution for distribution and transportation businesses, because it significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the local emissions that deteriorate the quality of air in the city. High-quality Neste MY Renewable Diesel can be used in existing vehicles. It suits all diesel engines, at any blending ratio," says Panu Kopra, Executive Vice President of Oil Retail at Neste.

"Lassila & Tikanoja aims to adjust the current consumer society into an efficient recycling society. Neste MY, manufactured wholly from waste and residue, fits well into our policy. It will help us reach our goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 25 per cent before 2020, compared to the level and volume of 2012," says Jorma Mikkonen, Director of Corporate Relations and Responsibility at Lassila & Tikanoja.

This Christmas, Neste and Lassila & Tikanoja worked together in a campaign to collect ham fat. The campaign encouraged people to bring the waste fat from their roast ham to be used as raw material for renewable diesel. Many businesses and organizations joined the campaign. Lassila & Tikanoja took on the collection of the waste fat and its transportation to preprocessing. At Porvoo Refinery, Neste turns the ham fat into renewable diesel. Early this year, the value of the collected waste fat will be donated to charities.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is available from selected stations in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and its distribution will also expand to Neste Truck stations in Finland during January.

Neste Corporation

Kaisa Lipponen
Director, Corporate Communications

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More information: Sam Holmberg, Director, Oil Retail Finland, Neste, tel. +358 50 458 4078;
Jorma Mikkonen, Director, Corporate Relations and Responsibility, Lassila & Tikanoja, tel. +358 500 453 454.

Neste in brief

Neste (NESTE, Nasdaq Helsinki) builds sustainable options for the needs of transport, businesses and consumers. Our global range of products and services allows customers to lower their carbon footprint by combining high-quality and low-emission renewable products and oil products to tailor-made service solutions. We are the world's largest producer of renewable diesel refined from waste and residues, and we are also bringing renewable solutions to the aviation and plastics industries. We want to be a reliable partner whose expertise, research and sustainable practices are widely appreciated. In 2015, Neste's net sales stood at EUR 11 billion, and we were on the Global 100 list of the most sustainable companies in the world. Read more:

Lassila & Tikanoja in brief

Lassila & Tikanoja is a service company that is transforming the consumer society into an efficient recycling society. In co-operation with our customers we are reducing waste volumes, extending the useful lives of properties, recovering materials and decreasing the use of raw materials and energy. We help our customers to focus on their core business and to save the environment. Together, we create well-being and jobs. With operations in Finland, Sweden and Russia, L&T employs 8,000 persons. Net sales in 2015 amounted to EUR 646.3 million. L&T is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.