people, sustainability · 6/20/2018

Neste Netherlands wins annual Safety Award

Neste receives recognition from its contractors as they vote the company as the recipient of a safety award in the Netherlands.

The VOMI Safety Award is granted to a company based on the feedback given by contractors and the assessment of a third party jury. Site Director at Neste Netherlands B.V, Hanno Schouten says that even being nominated in the top three category was a great honour: “The fact that we get recognition from our contractors and they feel safe and happy working in the surroundings we provide is a price in itself.”

According to the jury, contractors enjoy working with Neste due to the positive atmosphere and mutual trust on each side, which are both important factors in creating a safe working environment. Acts such as respecting the professionalism of individuals is an important factor when collaborating with others. “If a crane operator tells us there is a better way of doing things, we listen to them. It is not about getting things done our way, but getting them done the best way,” Hanno explains.  

Hanno also recognises that an open and nonhierarchical working culture helps with improving safety. Communication does not merely happen from the management to superiors, but it flows in all directions. “We want to give honest feedback, but also do our best to encourage individuals to give management feedback as well. It is important to make time to listen what people have to say,” Hanno clarifies.


So what does it mean for Neste to receive an award like this? Hanno believes congratulations are in order for the whole company for successfully implementing safety in working culture. On a personal level, the award means to him that the company is on the right track. “The award is a boost for everyone working on our site, and something we can utilize to continue on our journey. Because that is what safety is, a journey. We are never done with learning and must develop ourselves every day.”

Hanno is yet to decide where to situate the award, but is looking for a place for it where everyone on the site can enjoy it.

Hanno Schouten surprising employees with the news that they have won the VOMI Safety Award

Hanno Schouten surprising employees with the news that they have won the VOMI Safety Award.