uncategorized · 5/27/2013

Neste Oil continues to increase its popularity among highly educated people


Neste Oil is receiving positive boost as an ideal employer among highly educated people both in the fields of engineering and business. Neste Oil was placed 7th when engineering students listed their ideal employers in the Ideal Employer 2013 -survey conducted by a Finnish employer branding agency Universum. Neste Oil improved its positioning from previous year by three steps. The improvement was even greater when student were asked in which company they would really apply to. In this category Neste Oil was placed third. Neste Oil's popularity increased significantly also among business students as the company's ranking on the ideal employer listing was 32. Placing was 17 steps higher than in the previous year. 10,519 students from universities and polytechnics participated in the survey.

According to a survey by a Finnish research and communications agency T-Media, Neste Oil is considered as the 6th most popular employer among highly educated students. Neste Oil's placing was even better among highly educated people who are already in the working life. In this group, Neste Oil was placed fourth.

According to Universum's Country manager Jonna Sjövall, the ingredients to success are clear: "Engineering students consider their ideal employers as being more responsible than other companies. They offer a good reference for future career through challenging work assignments and sharp colleagues".

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Neste Oil received the Top Climbers honor in the Universum student survey.