uncategorized · 8/1/2007

Neste Oil Rally Finland goes Green

n Neste Oil Rally Finland on 2-5 August all the diesel cars used by the rally organisation, as well as all rescue vehicles, ran on Neste Green diesel. This fuel is produced using biodiesel component NExBTL that is made of renewable feedstocks. The NExBTL technology, a method developed by Neste Oil, is used in manufacturing a product equivalent to the best known diesel fuels from vegetable oils and animal fats. The Neste Green diesel used in Neste Oil Rally Finland contained 25 % of biodiesel component NExBTL.

"Naturally we wish to be frontrunners in this development. It is great that we get to use our title sponsor’s Neste Green diesel in Neste Oil Rally Finland. The motorsport world strives to be in the frontline of the technical development, of which environmental issues are an essential part", says Jarmo Mahonen, the Managing Director of AKK Sports Ltd, the organiser of Neste Oil Rally Finland.

The Finnish round of the FIA World Rally Championship, Neste Oil Rally Finland, takes place in Jyväskylä.