uncategorized · 10/22/2013

Neste Oil’s response to Greenpeace's palm oil report


Greenpeace released a report highlighting forest destruction related to the palm oil industry and palm oil trading on 22 October 2013. The report accuses Wilmar, one of the biggest palm oil producers and traders in Asia, of trading palm oil that has not been produced sustainably. Neste Oil is also mentioned in the report as a buyer of palm oil.

Neste Oil buys only sustainable palm oil

Neste Oil has strict sustainability requirements for the palm oil it purchases and 100% of the palm oil purchased by Neste Oil is certified. Neste Oil buys only traceable palm oil and knows the exact location of the plantations where its palm oil comes from. Traceability and sustainability are required under EU biofuel legislation (Renewable Energy Directive) and by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Deforestation has to be tackled

Neste Oil takes the issue of deforestation associated with the palm oil industry very seriously, which is why it adopted new No Deforestation Guidelines earlier this year. These guidelines are intended to help Neste Oil's suppliers address issues – including those highlighted in the Greenpeace report – across their operations. Neste Oil's aim is to work with palm oil producers to help them ensure that no deforestation takes place as part their palm oil production. Wilmar is one of Neste Oil's suppliers and must meet its No Deforestation Guidelines, just like any of Neste Oil’s other suppliers. We are in active discussions with Wilmar and are addressing the issues raised by the Greenpeace report.