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Neste Oil to enhance premium-quality base oil production - product slate NEXBASE® 3060 now produced in Bahrain


Neste Oil started producing premium-quality product slate NEXBASE® 3060 base oil at its joint venture plant in Sitrah, Bahrain in February 2013. NEXBASE® 3060 is part of Neste Oil’s global base oil slate and has previously only been produced at the Porvoo refinery in Finland. The new NEXBASE® 3060 volumes produced in Bahrain will enhance Neste Oil’s security of supply, as the product is now produced to the same manufacturing specifications at two units.

”Base oils is one of Neste Oil’s growth areas and one where we are focusing primarily on premium-quality VHVI (Very High Viscosity Index) products,” says Virpi Amoedo, Vice President, Base Oil. “Thanks to the additional NEXBASE® 3060 volumes that we are now producing, we will be able to support our customers’ growth in North America and Asia more effectively. We believe the demand for premium-quality base oils, like our NEXBASE® products, will grow in the long term.”

The Bahrain plant was commissioned in 2011 and is jointly owned by Neste Oil, Bahrain Petroleum Company, and nogaholding of Bahrain. Bahrain Petroleum Company operates the facility and Neste Oil is responsible for marketing its products. The plant rapidly achieved its targeted production volumes and performed excellently in terms of operational reliability during its first full year of operations in 2012.

Neste Oil is one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of VHVI base oils, which it markets under the NEXBASE® trademark. Neste Oil's total Group III base oil capacity is 650,000 metric t/a.

Further information:

Virpi Amoedo, Vice President, Neste Oil Base Oil, tel. +358 504589204