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Neste Oil to heat Hämeenherra house at the house fair with bioheating fuel

Neste Oil Corporation
Press release
12 July 2007 at 9:00 a.m. EET

The world’s first house heated with Neste Oil’s 100% bioheating fuel will be introduced at the Hämeenlinna House Fair. House Fair item 42, Hämeenherra is heated with bioheating fuel produced from renewable raw materials and with solar power, and the production process employed conserves energy.

Neste Oil’s bioheating fuel is the answer to the demand for increased use of bioenergy. It would reduce greenhouse emissions by 40 to 60 per cent when compared to contemporary heating oils.

When released on the market, the new bioheating fuel will be suitable for current oil heating systems, without any alterations.

The clean-burning bioheating fuel will be tested in actual use in Hämeenherra. The sulphur-free product burns more cleanly and its particulate emissions are lower than, for example, firewood or pellets in private homes.

Neste Oil technology and production

The production of NExBTL (next-generation biomass-to-liquid) bioheating fuel is based on technology developed by Neste Oil. The facility producing NExBTL commenced production at the Porvoo refinery during summer 2007. The production capacity of the facility is 170,000 tonnes per year. All vegetable oils and animal fats can be used as raw material.

At first, the fuel will be used mainly for transport, due to legislative obligations. The House Fair in summer 2007 marks the first time in the world that the product will be used for heating. The final launch date and price will depend, for example, on tax decisions. "The tax settlements have crucial relevance to the retail price of the product, because the production costs are higher than those of current heating oils. The price is affected also by whether the bio-proportion of the final product is 100 or, for example, 20 percent,” explains Marja Wieru, Sales Director at Neste Oil.

Hämeenherra saves energy

Hämeenherra, the oil heating house at the House Fair, is house number 42, on Hämäläisen raitti.

Hämeenherra presents many energy-efficient solutions. Special attention has been paid to heat insulation and energy conservation. The house is heated by bioheating fuel and solar power. Solar power is accumulated by 12.5 square metres of solar collectors installed on the roof.

The aim is to produce at least a quarter of the energy needed for heating and hot water supply by utilising solar power. This would reduce the fuel consumption to 1,500 litres per year.

We welcome you to witness the heating solutions of tomorrow!
Neste Oil Corporation

For further information, please contact:
Kari Seppälä, head of the Technical Department, at tel. +358 50 458 5651
Marja Wieru, Sales Director, at tel. +358 50 458 8319