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Neste Oil´s renewable diesel content increased upto hundred percent in the Helsinki metropolitan area bus traffic

Neste Oil Corporation  
Press release  
April 3, 2008 at 1 pm (EET)

Hundred-per-cent renewable NExBTL diesel has been taken into use in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The product made by Neste Oil will be used in Helsingin Bussiliikenne buses as part of cooperation started last autumn between the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council (YTV), Helsinki City Transport (HKL), Proventia, and Neste Oil. The aim of the cooperation is to promote the use of biofuels and improve the quality of city air. Previously buses have been filled up with a blend of NExBTL diesel and fossil diesel, but now for the first time in city traffic pure NExBTL diesel is being used.

The hundred-per-cent NExBTL diesel will be introduced in close cooperation with Scania. The aim of the project is to study the decrease in emissions and the long-term effects of pure NExBTL diesel on a bus engine. The cooperation between Scania and Neste Oil will help gain maximum benefit from all the positive properties of high-quality biofuel in efforts to improve the quality of city air.

The use of pure NExBTL diesel has a significant positive impact on the quality of city air. NExBTL diesel generates significantly less particulate and nitric oxide emissions than conventional diesel. In the previous test using pure NExBTL diesel reduced nitric oxide emissions by about 15% and particulate emissions by about 30% compared to fossil diesel. The greenhouse gas emissions for the entire life cycle of the fuel using sustainable raw materials are reduced by about 50% compared to fossil diesel. The buses involved in the project will be subject to exhaust gas measurements at the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT).


Mr Osmo Kammonen
Senior Vice President, Communications

For further information, please contact:
Mr Sami Oja, Manager, Sales, Neste Oil’s Biodiesel division, tel. +358 50 458 5246
Mr Simo Honkanen, Vice President, Neste Oil’s Biodiesel division, tel. +358 50 458 4170

Neste Oil in brief

Neste Oil Corporation is a refining and marketing company concentrating on clean, high-quality traffic fuels. The company pursues growth in both oil refining and high-end biodiesel production. Neste Oil refineries are located in Porvoo and Naantali, and their combined crude oil refining capacity is about 260,000 barrels a day. The company's net sales in 2007 was EUR 12,103 million and it employs about 4,800 people. Neste Oil’s share is listed on the Nordic Stock Exchange in Helsinki. For further information, please contact:

NExBTL is a high-end renewable diesel developed by Neste Oil. It enables reductions in greenhouse gas and exhaust emissions compared to normal diesel. The total reduction in greenhouse gas emissions during the entire life cycle for NExBTL diesel is 40% to 60% depending on the raw material. NExBTL diesel can be blended with normal diesel or used as such without any alterations to the engine.