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Neste Valopetroli – a clean fuel ideal for Wallas-Marin heaters


Neste Valopetroli (kerosene) is renowned for its high quality and clean combustion. Produced in Finland, Neste Valopetroli (kerosene) is ideal for kerosene-powered heaters used in small, enclosed spaces that demand the best in terms of fuel quality. As an advanced, sulfur-free product, it generates minimal soot during combustion.

Wallas-Marin’s product range includes stoves, ovens, and heaters for boats, space heaters for summer cottages, and combined stove-heaters for caravans – powered by either diesel and/or kerosene.

“Wallas-Marine recommends Neste Valopetroli for its kerosene heaters,” says Jussi Oksanen, the company’s Managing Director. “As a high-quality fuel, it burns cleanly and helps extend the service life of our heaters.

“Of course, it is not the only kerosene on the market, but we have decided to recommend Neste Valopetroli for our products because of its premium quality, which we believe ensures that our units will always perform at their best.”

“We are very happy that Wallas-Marin has decided to recommend Neste Valopetroli as their number-one choice for their kerosene heaters, and see it as a stamp of approval for our R&D and overall commitment to cleaner fuels,” says Tero Järvinen, Sales Manager, Direct Sales at Neste Oil.

Neste Valopetroli is supplied in 10-liter packs and is available at most Neste Oil stations in Finland and from distributors that sell Neste Oil products.

Further information:

Tuomas Kulola, Head of Product Management, Marketing & Services tel. 0504584481