uncategorized · 6/11/2013

Occupational safety at Naantali ranked among the best in Finland


The Zero Accident Forum granted Neste Oil’s Naantali refinery its highest occupational safety certification – ‘In the World’s Forefront of Safety´– on 15 May 2013. The refinery is one of 22 workplaces to have received the award for their long-term work in developing their safety performance.

The Zero Accident Forum, coordinated by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, grants different levels of safety level certifications recognizing progress made in promoting safety to its member organizations annually. These are intended to help companies and organizations monitor how they are progressing and encourage them to strive towards the ultimate goal of a zero accident workplace.

When deciding which level of award to grant, priority is given to indicators such as frequency of work-related accidents and the seriousness of accidents that occur. Workplaces are also expected to have effective procedures in place for investigating accidents and reporting dangerous incidents. A record number of workplaces, 57 in all, received certifications in 2012.

The Zero Accident Forum is a voluntary network of Finnish workplaces committed to promoting the goal of zero accidents and continually improving their occupational safety performance. The Forum was launched in 2003 and its members currently include 300 workplaces around Finland.

Congratulations to everyone at Naantali for your excellent work and the award!

Naantalin jalostamoThe Naantali refinery came on stream in 1957. The refinery produces traffic fuels and specialty products, such as bitumen, solvents, and small engine gasoline. Refining capacity of over 50,000 bbl/d and produces some 3 million tons of petroleum products a year. Employs approximately 350 people.