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M/T Neste is the final one in a series of four product tankers. These double-hulled vessels were built for the highest 1A Super ice class and equipped with an integrated bridge and high level of automatics.
The main dimensions of the vessel are: length 169.50 m, breadth 23.75 m and draught 10.90 m. M/T Neste sails under the Finnish flag and has a Finnish crew of 15. The primary traffic area of the vessel is Northern Europe.
The vessel will arrive in Finland for the first time in mid-January 2006. On its way over, M/T Neste will be loaded in Maleysia and discharged in Rotterdam.
Further information:
Risto Näsi, Executive Vice President, Shipping
tel. +358 50 458 5245
Erkki Kotiranta, Vice President, Shipping
tel. +358 50 458 4749
Neste Shipping operates a fleet that carry crude oil, petroleum products and chemicals about 41 million tons each year. Shipping focus is in marine transportation in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and intercontinental routes. The fleet comprises about 30 vessels, most ice-strengthened. All vessels are full or partial double hulls.
The total load-carrying capacity of the tonnage is about 1.3 million tonnes. 12 vessels are whole owned by Neste Oil, the remaining vessels have been chartered on contracts of various lengths.
Neste Oil Corporation is a leading independent Northern European oil refining and marketing company, with a focus on advanced, clean traffic fuels. Neste Oil's refineries are located in Porvoo and Naantali, Finland, and have a total refining capacity of approx. 250,000 bbl/d. The company employs around 4,500 people. Neste Oil is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange (symbol: NES1V). For further information, see