uncategorized · 5/8/2014

Station forecourt sales of Neste alkylate gasoline on the increase in Finland


Neste Oil’s alkylate gasoline is designed for small engines such as those found in lawnmowers, chainsaws, weed whackers and brush cutters, snowmobiles, outboards, and mopeds. Thanks to its excellent storability, it is particularly well-suited to engines that are used only for part of the year, as fuel systems do not need to be drained ahead of a long break in use.

“Neste alkylate gasoline is a high-quality product and an excellent example of the cleaner products that Neste Oil specializes in,” says Sam Holmberg, Vice President, Finland of Neste Oil’s Traffic Services Unit. “Neste alkylate gasoline has been specifically designed for the requirements of high-performance small engines and for equipment that tends to see only seasonal use. We have been very encouraged by the consumer response to the product, and sales have grown steadily.”

Contains less components harmful to health

Neste alkylate gasoline is pleasant to handle and use. It combusts cleanly and exhaust gas contains less soot and other emissions, keeping the air where equipment is used and the environment generally cleaner. It is also virtually odor-free, unlike conventional gasoline.

Neste alkylate gasoline remains stable over even extended periods of storage. Filling up with Neste alkylate gasoline before putting equipment away for the winter, for example, means that weed whackers, outboards, and other equipment are immediately ready for action the following year.

Neste alkylate gasoline is produced from carefully selected sulfur-free paraffines known for their good performance in high-compression engines. It contains no ethanol, olefins, or aromatics; and being benzene-free is not classified as a hazardous substance.

Neste alkylate gasoline is sold at pumps at six service stations in Finland and in consumer packs for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines at Neste Oil stations across the country.

Neste alkylate gasoline has been produced at Neste Oil’s Naantali refinery since 1990 and, in addition to sales in Finland, is exported to Sweden and Germany.