uncategorized · 6/16/2008

The 2008 Millennium Technology Prize awarded to Robert Langer for intelligent drug delivery

The 2008 Millennium Technology Prize was awarded to Professor Robert Langer on 11th of June in Helsinki for developing innovative biomaterials for controlled drug release and tissue regeneration that have saved human lives and improved the lives of millions of patients.

President of the Republic of Finland Tarja Halonen handed Professor Langer the prize of EUR 800,000 and ”Peak”, the prize trophy, at the Grand Award Ceremony on Wednesday afternoon. The world’s largest technology prize is awarded by Technology Academy Finland for a technological innovation that significantly improves quality of human life and promotes sustainable development.

Robert Langer has been cited as “one of history’s most prolific inventors in medicine”. His research laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the largest biomedical engineering laboratory in the world.

Professor Robert Langer's innovations have had a significant impact on fighting cancer, heart disease and numerous other diseases. His work has also brought about significant advances in tissue engineering, including synthetic replacement for biological tissues such as artificial skin. Over 100 million people a year are already using advanced drug delivery systems and the number is rising rapidly.

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