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There's a way for your car to run on waste fat from Thanksgiving turkey

Neste Corporation
Press Release
23 November 2016 at 5 pm (EET)

There's a way for your car to run on waste fat from Thanksgiving turkey


The Americans consume over 46 million turkeys every Thanksgiving. What if waste fat from turkey roasting could also fuel up our cars? Believe it or not, there's already a way to make it happen.

The world's leading renewable fuel producer Neste has the technology to turn excess cooking fat into renewable fuel. This Christmas they are asking Finnish households to collect their cooking leftovers for fuel production. Their goal is to produce enough renewable fuel from food waste to enable a private car to travel three times around the globe.

According to Neste's calculations, the waste fat of roasting one turkey or baking one ham converts to roughly two miles driven in a private car. The fact that Finns eat over 15 million pounds of ham every Christmas makes the goal eminently attainable.

"Producing fuels from waste and residue is the responsible and sensible thing to do. In this way, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by as much as 80 percent when compared with conventional fossil diesel," says Matti Lievonen, the CEO of Neste.

If driving a waste fat powered car has already been made possible by a company in a small country like Finland, just think of the possibilities it holds in America: 200,000 tanks filled with excess waste that would otherwise get tossed away after just one Thanksgiving celebration.

If that's not the best way to show gratitude to the environment on Thanksgiving, nothing is. Maybe next year, America?

Neste Corporation

Osmo Kammonen
Senior Vice President, Communications and Brand Marketing

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