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Viva Automation Recognition Prize awarded to a team from Neste Jacobs

Neste Jacobs Oy
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4 October 2011 at 1.30 pm (EET)

Viva Automation Recognition Prize awarded to a team from Neste Jacobs

A team from Neste Jacobs received the Viva Automation Recognition Prize at the Helsinki Fair Center on Tuesday, 4 October. The prize was awarded by the Finnish Society of Automation (FSA) and financed by the Finnish Fair Foundation.

The FSA described the members of the team as having played a central role in the development, marketing, and delivery of 'NAPCON', Neste Jacobs' Advanced Process Control and Optimization application package for process plants. The team has also helped promote advanced process control expertise in Finland, as well as the EU through active research cooperation with universities, according to the FSA. The team consisted of Mauri Sourander, Hans Aalto, Keijo Yli-Opas, Jyri Lindholm, and Samuli Bergman.

"NAPCON is the outcome of a determined development effort," says Mauri Sourander. "We started with quite small resources over 20 years ago and completed the 'NAPCON DRTO' dynamic optimization concept early in the new millennium. This concept makes it possible to achieve 10% better productivity in oil refinery, petrochemical, and chemical process plants without any equipment investments, simply by buying our software package and the application expertise of our skilled engineers."

"I'm very proud of the team's achievement and warmly congratulate them for winning the prize," says Jarmo Suominen, Neste Jacobs' Managing Director. "The timing of the award is also great, as it reflects our commitment to profile ourselves as a preferred solution provider of high-quality technology services for our customers globally. It's important to remember that, in addition to excellent automation know-how, you also need extensive process and equipment technology expertise technique such as that offered by Neste Jacobs to make a success of productivity-enhancement projects."

Neste Jacobs Oy

Jarmo Suominen
Managing Director

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