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WWF Finland and Neste Oil in cooperation to protect the Baltic Sea

The partnership also promotes sustainable energy production

Press release
1 December 2006

 - Helsinki, Finland -  WWF Finland and Neste Oil Corporation have signed a two-year partnership agreement to contribute to the protection of the Baltic Sea. The partnership also includes measures to promote sustainable energy production. The agreement was published today in Helsinki in a seminar on biodiesel organised by Neste Oil. In the seminar, WWF and Neste Oil expressed their objectives regarding sustainable palm oil production.

With the agreement, Neste Oil continues as one of the main partners of Operation Mermaid, WWF Finland's extensive campaign to protect the Baltic Sea. The partnership contributes to the protection of the Baltic Sea and its endangered species and valuable habitats. It also aims at decreasing eutrophication and the use of hazardous chemicals.

"Neste Oil has implemented several important measures to improve maritime safety in the Baltic Sea. A good example is the escort-towing tugboats of the company, which are used to tow tankers into ports. In this way Neste Oil has voluntarily adopted a measure which WWF has required as an obligatory safety-measure for all the ports in the Baltic Sea to decrease the risk of an oil accident", says Timo Tanninen, CEO of WWF Finland.

The partnership of WWF Finland and Neste Oil also includes measures to promote sustainable energy production. Both WWF and Neste Oil are active in developing the production of palm oil which is ecologically, socially and economically sustainable. Palm oil is used as an ingredient of biofuels.

"Neste Oil's NExBTL biodiesel essentially reduces tailpipe emissions such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions. Biodiesel manufactured of vegetable oil also decreases greenhouse gas emissions", says Kimmo Rahkamo, Neste Oil’s Executive Vice President, Components

"WWF is pleased that as a member of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil, RSPO, Neste Oil contributes to the development of environmental auditing of palm oil. We welcome the fact that as a leading developer of biofuels the company has a palm oil purchasing policy which is transparent and responsible and aims at continuous improvement. There are huge environmental problems connected with the production of palm oil, and the buyers' demand for sustainable production is essential in solving them. WWF wants to contribute to finding the solutions for sustainability challenges of biofuels and palm oil production", says Timo Tanninen.

"A partnership with WWF is natural for Neste Oil, because responsibility is our key value. To recognise the problems of palm oil production has helped us to pay attention to the right issues when choosing our suppliers. Our aim is that the raw material of our biodiesel is sustainably produced and third-party audited", says Kaisa Hietala, Manager, Feedstocks, Neste Oil.

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WWF Finland, Timo Tanninen, CEO, +358 40 574 9266
Neste Oil Corporation, Osmo Kammonen, Senior Vice President, Communications, +358 10 458 4885 and +358 50 458 4885.