10 June 2015

4 good reasons for using Neste Pro Diesel also in your boat

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You can order refueling for your boat straight to the pier from the Neste Satama service station in Turku. The service uses exclusively Neste Pro Diesel, as it offers boats also other benefits besides lower fuel consumption.

"The boat is moored and we're going out to the sea during the weekend. Do you have time to fill her up before that?"

"No problem," says Jari Laine to his customer.

Laine starts up his pickup truck at the Neste Satama service station, close to the Turku Castle. The bed of the pickup has a fuel tank with a capacity of slightly under one thousand liters.

Laine drives to the shore next to the customer's boat, pulls out a 50-meter hose and fills up the boat's tank. Registered customers do not even have to be present during refueling; they pay for the fuel afterwards against invoice.

Boaters appreciate the service. In addition to inconvenience of refueling, they also avoid the boat trip to the station and, at times, also long queues.

"Boats often take in 400–900 liters of fuel at a time. At a sea station, there can be a couple of boats ahead of you. If both take almost one thousand liters of fuel, you might have to wait for up to an hour."

The tanker's tank only contains Neste Pro Diesel, a premium-quality fuel for cars. Neste Pro Diesel also has a lot of benefits to boats.


Laine highlights four factors:

1. Better fuel – quieter boat

Neste Pro Diesel burns more efficiently than conventional diesel. One consequence of this is lower engine noise.

"Customers have sad that the sound from the boat engine gets softer and it is more quiet inside the boat," Laine says. "This phenomenon is barely noticeable in a car, but in a boat, reducing noise even by a little is a good thing."

2. Consumption can decrease

In suitable conditions, Neste Pro Diesel can decrease a car's fuel consumption by 1–5%. In a boat, consumption differences are harder to measure as the conditions differ all the time. However, the consumption meter indicates it, and Laine has noticed the difference.

"Neste Pro Diesel has decreased my boat's fuel consumption, and customers have said the same for their boats."

3. Less smoke from the engine

More efficient and cleaner combustion can also reduce emissions from the engine. Laine has noticed that there can be less smoke, especially in older boats. On waters, this has more effect on comfort than in a car, as you spend a lot of time outside on the deck in a boat.

4. Prevents diesel bacteria

Laine also offers small-scale boat servicing as a hobby. He says that he hears about problems caused by "diesel bacteria" every year. They are microbes that begin to grow in water accumulated in the fuel tank. The growth can clog the boat's fuel filter and put a stop to the trip.

The suspected reason for the problems becoming more commonplace is first-generation FAME biodiesel blended in some diesel fuels. FAME is biodegradable by nature, and it absorbs more water than ordinary. The conditions for bacterial growth can therefore be more favorable.

Neste diesels do not contain a drop of FAME biodiesel. Their biocomponent is premium-quality Neste Renewable Diesel. Problems are rare in this kind of fuel.

"If your engine stalls on the sea when it is windy and the waves are high, you can be in trouble," Laine says. "Therefore, you should think about these things in advance when you are setting off to the sea. That way, you can avoid many worries."

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"Neste Pro Diesel has decreased my boat's fuel consumption, and customers have said the same for their boats."
Jari Laine, Neste Satama Turku, Finland