8 May 2015

Neste customers appreciate consistent quality and reliability

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Base oil

Neste customers appreciate consistent quality and reliability


Neste’s base oil teams work in close cooperation with customers to develop the products and services to meet customer requirements. Customers particularly praise Neste for reliability and being a pioneer in the industry.

"We actively develop customer service to meet each customer's needs. We are a flexible organization with the experience and will to find the ideal service for each customer. We do this work in partnership with our customers”, says Ulla Kotila, Marketing Specialist, Base oils at Neste.

New cooperation model

In order to develop its services, Neste's base oil team is collecting customer feedback in a new way. Customer feedback was previously collected with fixed-form questionnaires, but now the focus is on a human centered approach and qualitative interviews. Their aim is to cooperate with the customer to find ideas for developing operations to meet the customer needs.

"By cooperating with the customer, we can find things that we need to learn and understand better. We find out what is important to customers, what their goals are, and how we can help them. The interviews resulted in service ideas that we are testing in practice. We seek immediate feedback for new services," Kotila says.

"We continue the conceptualization of services based on the feedback and pilot them with customers to be able to customize them just right," Kotila says. New service ideas are related to online and consultation services, among others.

Operational reliability and consistent base oil quality praised

Customer feedback thanks Neste for good customer service year after year. Now Neste also has key account teams with experts in several areas to help the customers. Regardless of whether it is about the technical properties of products or optimizing logistics, the key account team always has the right person to help the customer.

"We have been particularly given good feedback for the consistent quality of our NEXBASE products, the reliability of our operations and deliveries. They have become important competitive advantages. Customers place increasingly strict requirements for the quality of products and deliveries, and therefore we are developing our services in these areas," Kotila says.

The highlight of the year for Neste's base oil experts and customers is the customer event that is organized in connection with annual ICIS World Base Oil & Lubricants Conference in London. In this annual event Neste , offers opportunities for networking and hearing interesting speeches also from outside the base oil and lubricant market.

"In addition to comprehensive information and discussions, we offer our customers unique programs on the side. This year, our customers were enthusiastic about a keynote by the Top Gear legend The Stig. A classic car tour in London was also appreciated," Kotila says.


The most recent customer feedback survey indicated that Neste is considered a pioneer and developer of the base oil industry.

"Our customers appreciate the continuous development of our extensive formulation portfolio to guarantee our customers growth opportunities in the toptier lubricant segment in different markets," Kotila says.

Neste's technical team actively develops new formulations and products to meet the requirements of future engine technology and demanding industrial solutions.

"One example of our recent developments is the wind turbine gear oil formulation. Our NEXBASE base oils are excellently suited for wind turbines to protect the gears in the harsh operating environment where they have to face shock loadings and extreme temperature swings, ," Kotila says. The durability of lubricants is also crucial in wind power plants, as the lubricants have long drain intervals.