19 June 2013

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Customer case

Customer: Koiviston Auto Corporation

  • Business: bus services and bus manufacturing
  • Net sales: €120 million
  • Personnel: 1,496
  • Fleet: 772 buses, of which over a quarter have been manufactured in-house
  • Routes across Finland

Neste Oil’s products and services: Lubricants and fuels

Koiviston Auto and Neste Oil have worked together for many years. All of Koiviston Auto’s buses have run on Neste Oil fuel since 2006, and the company has used Neste Oil lubricants for almost as long, and today buys virtually all its lubricants from Neste Oil.

Founded in 1928, Koiviston Auto runs an extensive range of bus services across Finland and manufactures buses as well. The current fleet number is 772 vehicles and includes buses produced by Volvo, Scania, and the company’s own Kabus subsidiary. Koiviston Auto operates both long-distance routes and local services, and has set its main oil change interval at 50,000 kilometers regardless of which type of routes individual buses operate on. The company has high expectations of the lubricants that it uses and requires them to perform equally well whether the temperature plummets to -35 °C or soars to +35 °C.

Jouko Nykänen, Koiviston Auto’s Technical Director, says that Neste Oil’s products meet their requirements well. “Overall, we’re happy with our partnership with Neste Oil, and I don’t remember any technical problems with any of the products we use.”

Good dialogue with customers, together with customer feedback, are highly valued at Neste Oil.

“We’ve developed a good relationship with Koiviston Auto and our partnership with them gives us a good base for developing our product and service concepts,” says Neste Oil’s Regional Manager Markus Lindkvist.

Neste Oil and Koiviston Auto move these buses in cooperation.