What is Pre-order the future?

Pre-Order the Future is a forward-looking project that has been in the works for over a year. The project’s aim is to explore how we can use new types of renewable raw materials in developing tomorrow’s sustainable products and services.

About the project

Pre-order the Future is not only a project but a mindset. During the last few years we have put major effort on developing our renewable fuels and materials. Today our production facilities offer a line of quality renewable products made out of waste and residues. Our latest result of research and development is Neste bioplastic that is not only better for the environment but is also able to remove CO2 from of the air – meaning that it actually cleans the air we breathe.

Neste is all in to create futuristic innovations and to rewrite the future. Neste grouped teams of consummate professionals to work on five different topics varying from future cities to the future of entertainment. EduCycle, a gamified learning environment, was chosen for further development.

Spoken word artist Prince Ea jumped on board completing our Pre-order the Future team. He works in the project as a futurologist. This means Prince Ea is working hands on with the products and he’s constantly challenging Neste’s way of working by bringing his unique creative approach to the table.

Only with better applications we can create a cleaner future. In Pre-order the Future we offer the solutions, but you have to make the choice.

The GreenPod, developed primarily from renewable materials, is a multifunctional space, mixing home and office, private and public.

ThinkEar is a personal audio system controlled by your brainwaves. Its integrated EEG sensors are able to read brainwaves and translate them into commands that navigate audio content.

EcoTravel plans each step of your holiday. All trips are powered by renewable fuels, and all activities and services have a minimal carbon impact.

CleanTrail is a one-click plugin enabling sustainable delivery of goods and services.