We don't solve problems by making things worse, but by making them better. It’s better ways of doing things, that will change the world. It's time to explore and utilise better alternatives that bring us closer to a better future. We believe in a future where making things better doesn't require sacrifices.

The People vs. The School System

The future of schools and education is probably the most important topic in the Pre-order the Future project. To highlight its vitality we dedicated our second Prince Ea collaboration film to education.


For Prince Ea, changing the world is just part of his job description. The spoken word artist and YouTube superstar is now the new face of Neste's Pre-order the Future campaign. Over the next 12 months Prince Ea, together with Neste's expert team, will help create a product that will change the life of future generations. The campaign is open for everyone to submit their ideas. The most ground-breaking idea will then be turned into a real product.