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Welcome to Neste Base Oils Insights. We aim to be your trusted source of industry information and guide you on your journey through the world of base oils. Here you will find the latest industry news and insights on sustainability and renewables – as seen by our experts.

Are you interested in what the base oil industry can do to make transportation more sustainable and combat climate change? Or do you want to know about the latest base oil developments and what goes into the highest quality base oils? We invite you to dive into our content.

Base Oils blog articles

What can the base oils industry expect after a turbulent year?

After one of its most challenging periods, the base oils industry now needs to focus on the possibilities ahead. Read on to discover what to anticipate going forward and what lubricant blenders should expect from a partner.

NEXBASE™ podcast: A deep dive into industry specifications for lubricating oils – from an OEM perspective

In our new NEXBASE™ podcast, we dive deep into the role of industry specifications for lubricating oils – from an OEM’s perspective this time. In this episode, we talk about the purpose of industry specifications and approvals and how they add value to OEMs. We are joined by Ron Romano, recently retired from Ford Motor Company.

How can our industry accelerate its sustainability efforts?

One of the most important questions our industry is asking itself right now is detailed by Mika Kettunen, who recently had the opportunity to share his views on industry media. Read our blog for insights into the solutions to the challenging situation we are all facing.

NEXBASE podcast: Why should your business focus on approved base oils?

We dive deep into the subject of approved versus non-approved base oils in a completely new format – a podcast! Join our experts for a 24-minute discussion that will help you make a well-informed decision on the right base oils for your business.

How are OEM trends and new specifications driving base oil selection?

How does a business choose the best solution in a market affected by such factors as upcoming legislation and new OEM trends? In our latest blog, we are taking a deeper dive into this topic to address the most pressing questions you might have. Read on and discover our answers

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